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About Climate Change Ecology Research Unit

Climate Change Ecology Research Unit (CCERU)
Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

CCERU is focused on an interdisciplinary approach to studying past climate change and human activities. We apply experimental methods in combination with high-resolution palaeoecological research to assess how climate, pollution, and land use affect different ecosystems. Our current projects experimentally test the response of peatlands to drought and climate warming. Simultaneously, we are working on multi-proxy data from the peat aiming to reconstruct past climate and fire regimes. A strong focus of our research includes biodiversity and ecology of microbes including testate amoebae, used also as a proxy in palaeoecological reconstructions. Our studies are conducted within several international scientific networks including foresters, historians and archaeologists.

The picture above presents our Sphagnum peatland experimental site - CLIMPEAT project (Phot. Jan Barabach)